Traveling by motorbike around Kyrgyzstan is one of the most fascinating ways to see Kyrgyzstan in all diversity. A trip on a motorcycle along steep mountain serpentines and picturesque valleys, extreme driving on dirt roads and off-road will be an unforgettable adventure for fans of two-wheeled transport.

The abundance of beautiful mountain roads and landscapes from year to year attracts to Kyrgyzstan numerous mototourists.  Mototourists are attracted by the amazing atmosphere of mountains and valleys. Compared with equestrian and bicycle travels, the motorcycle is much simpler in physical terms, although here it is sometimes necessary to make considerable physical efforts. Traveling on enduro motorcycle, adapted to off-road, can show stunning mountain passes with roads that are inaccessible to the car, as well as many other interesting places.
In addition to a large number of natural beauties, Kyrgyzstan is part of the Great Silk Road, one of the most beautiful high-mountain roads in the world – the Pamir road pass here.

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