Chunkurchak Gorge (also Chon-Kurchak) is one of the closest high-mountain gorges to Bishkek and at the same time, one of the most beautiful in the Chui Region.
Chunkurchak has an amazing feature: unlike many other gorges of the Kyrgyz Ridge, it stretches from the north to the east, as if along the ridge. The length of the gorge is very small, about 30 kilometers, but this distance contains a lot of amazing landscapes. There is a developed tourist infrastructure, as well as 4 ski resorts, which in summer function as holiday homes, as well as kumisolechebintsas.
Chunkurchak is suitable for almost all types of tourism. The road along the gorge is very popular among fans of off-road and cyclists, especially in the area of the Kyzyl-Beles Pass and serpentines. There are places for picnics and walks here.

How to get to Chunkurcak?

There is no public transport to the gorge. By car/bicycle there are several options: from  Ala-Archa Gorge and the village of Kashka-Suu from the west and from the Alamedin Gorge and the village of Arashan from the east. On both sides the road is dirt, however, from the west, it is less stony. The upper part of the gorge (Kyzyl-Beles Pass) rides only on the off-road car and requires good driving skills.

Chunkurchak on the map

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