Talas Region is not very often visited by tourists and it absolutely undeservedly! Talas Region has many interesting sights to offer tourists. This is an area where you can find solitude among the high mountains.

Things to do in Talas Region

Talas Region is suitable for leisurely travels to places in which there are no tourists at all. The vast Talas Valley is surrounded on all sides by mountains and gorges with amazing landscapes, deep mountain lakes and various kinds of mountain vegetation. This place is also very interesting for experienced travelers, who overcome day-by-day great distances. It can also be just as interesting to those who want to relax and enjoy nature.
In addition to the mountains, the Talas Region has some cultural attractions. This is the historical region of secluded Kyrgyz residence. Here is the memory of the national hero Manas, in the vast historical complex of Manas Ordo. There are also ancient burials of the Huns, the largest on the territory of Central Asia. Kirov Reservoir, built in Soviet times, is a unique example of the architectural monumentalism of those times.

Sights map of Talas Region

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