Kumis treatment is a set of procedures aimed to improve the health and cleansing of the body with the Kyrgyz national drink – kimus.

Kumis treatment is a very specific and unique service, analogs of which are difficult to find. Kumis treatment includes drinking kumis, which is combined with high altitude conditions and a special diet. This combination gives an amazing effect that helps to improve health.
Kumis is a fermented milk drink from mare’s milk with the addition of leaven. It has its own specific, tart and sour taste. The mare’s milk is remarkable in that it is significantly different in composition from cow’s: it contains fewer fats and proteins, and significantly more vitamins. From the species of animal milk, the mare is as close to the female milk as possible, and therefore it is perfectly absorbed by the body: it improves the metabolism, is used as a means of preventing colds and improving blood circulation.
It should be noted that kumis is an alcoholic drink. The softest kumis – samal – contains 1 degree of alcohol. Average kumis has 2.5 percent alcohol. Strong kumis contains from 4.5 and up to 40 (!) degrees of alcohol. The best time to prepare kumis is from mid-May to mid-July.
Kumis treatment resorts are located in mountain gorges and valleys, at an altitude exceeding 1,500-2,000 meters above sea level. The combination of mountain climate, fresh air, physical activity and kumis help improve health. Also Kumis treatment – it’s a great way to get closer to the traditions of nomads and their way of life.

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