Kyrgyzstan is quite safe and friendly to tourists. However, as elsewhere, there are some things that you need to know in order to feel comfortable and safe.

Safety on the roads

A significant number of tourists visiting Kyrgyzstan, invariably note that the level of driving in the country is at a fairly low level. Often violated the rules of the road, pedestrians cross the road in wrong places and drivers can ignore pedestrians and cyclists. Therefore, when coming to Kyrgyzstan it is important to remember that the rules do not replace common sense. When crossing the road, always look around, while being behind the wheel of the car be as prudent as possible. When traveling by bicycle, try to drive closer to the roadside, dismount at the crossing of crossroads and pedestrian crossings.

Thieves-pickpockets and scammers

In crowded places – in public transport, in the bazaar and etc- valuables should be kept with you and under supervision. This applies to a wallet, mobile phone and other gadgets and bags with luggage, backpacks, etc. If you travel around Kyrgyzstan on a bicycle, then try not to leave it unattended, even with a fastened lock. It is also not safe to leave valuables in a closed car in a conspicuous place if you leave the car.
With any fraud in everyday life in Kyrgyzstan, it is difficult to face. The most insecure place in this respect are private currency exchange points, so carefully recalculate money by exchanging currencies in such places, or rather just avoid them and exchange money in a bank.

Walking at night

In large cities, a walk at night can be quite a good pastime. However, it is better to beware poorly lit places, drunken companies and try to keep the central streets.

Taxi ordering

On the streets of Kyrgyz cities at any time of the day you can meet many cars of private taxi drivers who are looking for customers. However, quite often they work for themselves and are not controlled by anyone, and therefore for greater security, it is better to use taxi services than to get into the first car caught on the street.

Alcohol and drugs

Kyrgyzstan is a country with a rather large amount of alcohol consumed per person. It is often possible to see drunken companies on the streets, villages, etc. However, in the country, there are quite clear rules on the use of alcohol. So, according to the law, you can not be in public places in a state of intoxication. Also, you can not drink alcohol in public places, except for bars, cafes and restaurants.
Separately, it is worth mentioning the problem of drugs. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan grows wild hemp, opium poppy (!) and some other plants that can be classified as narcotic drugs. Often hemp you can meet even in large cities, including Bishkek. However, possession of narcotic substances in Kyrgyzstan is a criminal offense and therefore, by ripping and taking with you these plants you are violating the law. Therefore, it is better to refrain from such interactions, even for the purpose of photographing or whatever else.


Kyrgyzstan is quite a traditional country, with a large number of religious people, and therefore very different from local norms of behavior and unusual appearance can attract undue attention, which may entail negative consequences. Keep this in mind.

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