The main mission of the team is to create the most inclusive guide for local and foreign tourists traveling around Kyrgyzstan. Despite the huge tourist potential of the country, to this day there are few Internet resources that can provide travelers with the breadth of information they need to travel Kyrgyzstan. Of course, there are some blogs by tourists who have visited Kyrgyzstan recently, as well as commercial travel guides published abroad. However, they may lack objectivity in submitting information about the country due to the fact that they are not local.
Therefore, we did our best to create a unique catalog of standardized and reliable information about natural sights, cultural attractions, and peculiarities that must be taken into account when traveling in our country. We believe that this information should be accessible, truthful and free of charge. Tourists should be able to plan their trip without paid consolations and travel agency services.
Thus, we want to help improve foreign tourists’ attraction to the country and contribute to the development of local tourism.
In Kyrgyzstan, we value the natural beauty our country has to offer. As an organization, we advocate the values of minimal environmental impact.
We believe that the proper development of tourism will help Kyrgyzstan preserve its amazing nature and cultural authenticity. We also believe that this travel guide is the first step to increasing visitation to many beautiful but hard-to-reach places in our country. hopes it will contribute to the emergence of a tourist infrastructure and the development of tourist routes. The development of tourist routes will help local communities: villages, yurt camps, etc.

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