Fairy Tale Canyon / Skazka Canyon is a small gorge on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, famous for its red clay rocks. The canyon is located about 120 kilometers from Balykchy, near the village of Tosor.
Fairy Tale Canyon is a very popular place for tourists. The reason for this is the ease of access to the canyon and its stunning landscapes. Erosion of the soil, for thousands of years, has created the beautiful contrasts in Fairy Tale Canyon. In the canyon you can find a variety of bizarre figures of stone and clay. It is composed of multi-colored clays, minerals and rocks, that add to the scenic beauty of this place.
Some of the natural sculptures in the canyon have names. The most recognizable is the “Chinese Wall”, very reminiscent of the famous architectural monument of China. It is worth adding that in winter there is almost no snow, and therefore you can visit the canyon at any time of the year. The canyon is very close to the road and the shore of the lake, and therefore it is an excellent option for a rest or picnic arrangement.

How to get to Fairy Tale/Skazka Canyon?

The turn to the canyon is about 120 kilometers of the Balykchy-Karakol Road on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, near the village of Tosor. On the road is a large sign. In summer, a fee is charged for entry into the canyon: 40 soms per person.

Fairy Tale Canyon on the map

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