Chiyrchik Pass is a high mountain pass, which is located 40 kilometers south of the city of Osh. Chiyrchyk is one of the most popular places among local tourists in Osh Region.
The height of the Chiyrchik Pass is 2,400 meters and this is the first pass of the well-known Pamir Highway, which begins in Osh. Therefore, this place has become an important part of Osh’s tourist infrastructure.
In summer, there are numerous cafes serving kymyz and various Kyrgyz national dishes. Local residents from Osh and the nearest villages arrange picnics and holidays here.
In winter, there is a small ski base, where people ski and tubing (car balloons from heavy trucks. A ropeway is installed on the base.
The nature of this place, too, is very beautiful. In the summer, all the mountains around are covered with a carpet of bright green grass and flowers. Also, bright red rocks in this area are remarkable, which form an amazing color contrast with green vegetation and snow-capped peaks of the Pamirs.

How to get to Chiyrchyk Pass

Chirchik Pass is located 40 kilometers south of Osh. There is a good highway, taxi and public transport goes through it and therefore it is not difficult to get to the pass.

Chiyrchyk Pass on the map

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