Hiking is the most popular type of tourism in Kyrgyzstan, since the country is covered by mountains by more than 80 percent. Each Tien-Shan and Pamir gorge is remarkable and beautiful in its own way. Hiking trails in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan are able to give you amazing impressions.

A group of people with backpacks, walking through the mountains or valleys, with an evening bonfire and songs with a guitar. Hiking in the mountains on weekends or long transitions from one point to another gives people the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fundamentally different world than the one in which they are in the city.  In Kyrgyzstan you can feel all the delights of hiking away from civilization. Each region of the country is full of picturesque mountain ranges, on which there are long and deep mountain gorges with a lot of sights: stormy rivers, turquoise mountain lakes, snow-capped summits and ancient Tien-Shan forests.
Most of the gorges in Kyrgyzstan have very clear paths, which can easily go deep into the gorge. Practically in any gorge there are shepherds and therefore even in the most remote corners of the country, there are people who can prompt the route or somehow help. However, there are places completely uninhabited and hard to reach, which are more suitable for trekking.

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