Batken Region is the most remote region of Kyrgyzstan, located at the foot of the mighty Turkestan Range. Tourists rarely visit this region, but there is something to see!

Things to do in Batken Region

Batken Region is an amazing region. This is the most remote corner of Kyrgyzstan and although at first glance it may seem unremarkable, this impression is deceptive. First of all, Batken Region is great for trekking lovers. The vast Turkestan Range conceals a lot of interesting things in its depths. In two days of trekking lie the amazing Karavshin and Leilek Gorges, which received the name of the Asian Patagonia, the turquoise Ai-Kul Lake and the peaked peak Pyramidal. In the mountains of Batken Region, you can feel an incredible Asian space, where for many, many kilometers you won’t meet a single person. Also here grows a flower that does not grow in any other place in the world – Aigul flower.
Batken is also interesting for fans of history and culture. Remains of mighty Kokand Fortresses, like the fortress of Kan, are preserved here. Batken is famous for its caves, the most notable of which is the Kan-i-Gut Cave, stretching for 6 kilometers into the mountains, and has been the most important source of silver for the Fergana Valley for thousands of years. This is an amazing land where you can easily become a pioneer of something new.

Sights map of Batken Region

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