One of the national symbols of Kyrgyzstan is a horse. Therefore it is not surprising that to this day horseback riding is a popular type of transportation and tourism.

Since ancient times, in the culture of nomadic Kyrgyz, the horses had a special place. The horse was also a vehicle and animal, providing people with milk and meat. For many centuries the horse was the main attribute of nomadic life. Today, horses are an important part of the people’s life, especially in rural areas. Almost every mountain gorge in the country, as well as on the mountain plains – jailoo -, you can meet huge herds of horses, which is quite surprising for tourists from other countries.

Locals consider equestrian travel the best option to see the country. Kyrgyz horses are adapted to travel through the mountains. Traveling on horseback you can see a lot of interesting and inaccessible natural attractions.
The number of routes and places for traveling by horse is truly incalculable.

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