The Osh Region is the heart of southern Kyrgyzstan. This is the place where the oriental Uzbek culture of the Ferghana Valley and the highland nomadic Kyrgyz culture are connected. The oldest cities of Osh and Uzgen, with the age more than 3000 years, are adjacent to the ancient and high mountains of the Pamirs and Tien Shan, forming an amazing combination of landscapes and cultures.

Things to do in Osh region

The Osh Region shows a tourist the ancient and amazing culture of southern Kyrgyzstan. These places have always been at the crossroads of the trade routes of the Great Silk Road leading from the east to the west. Here it is possible to see the real eastern bazaars and the medieval architecture of the Muslim East. The city of Osh is the capital of the region, and since ancient times it was also the religious center. The main attraction of the city – Suleiman-Too – is associated with the legendary king and prophet Solomon.
Another side of the Osh Region is the two largest Central Asian mountain systems – the Tien Shan and the Pamirs. Here there are numerous gorges and mountain valleys with their untouched nature attracting tourists from all over the world. In these places, it is possible to see everything – complex tourist routes for trekking and cycling, and high mountain peaks for mountaineering and climbing. The caves of the Osh Region and its healing springs are widely known. The wide expanse of the Alai Valley contains a pattern of nomadic Kyrgyz life that has not changed for centuries. One of the highest peaks of Kyrgyzstan and the Pamirs – Lenin Peak is also here. In short, Osh has a large variety of attractions for any tourist.

Sights map of Osh Region

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