The Kara-Keche Gorge is a long gorge in the western part of the Naryn Region, known for the Kara-Keche Pass and the largest coalfield in Kyrgyzstan. The gorge separates the Jumgal Valley from Son-Kul Valley.
The gorge is located in the mountains of Moldo-Too and has a length of 50 kilometers. The nature and relief of the gorge are very remarkable. The slopes of the gorge are composed of rocks of the red shade, which creates a wonderful contrast with the fir trees growing on the slopes of these mountains and other green vegetation.
At an altitude of 2800 meters deep the Kara-Keche coalfield located. The highest point of the gorge is Kara-Keche Pass at an altitude of 3348 meters. From here, an excellent view is opened both to Son-Kul and to the gorge.

How to get to the Kara-Keche gorge?

The Kara-Keche Gorge is located in the Moldo-Too Mountains, south of the village of Bash-Kundagy in the Jumgal Valley. It is possible to get there by turning near the village of Bash-Kundagy to the south, or from the southwestern part of the Son-Kul Valley through the Kara-Keche Pass. The dirt road in the gorge is relatively good.

Kara-Keche gorge on the map

Useful Information

Mobile Network

The mobile network is partly available


There are no cafes, groceries or guest houses


It is not recommended to drink water from the river because due to the coalfield located in the gorge


Many places for camping


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