One of the most beautiful roads in Kyrgyzstan is located in a small area between the Suusamyr and Jumgal Valleys, where the mighty and beautiful Kekemeren River flows. This place is called Kekemeren Gorge.
Kekemeren Gorge is located in the northwestern part of Naryn Region, about 200 kilometers from Bishkek. The length of the gorge is about 30 kilometers. The gorge consists of multi-colored rocks of red and yellow shades which create an amazing contrast with the greenery and a stunning blue river. Huge rocks are very prone to erosion and therefore form a giant vertical 200 meters screes as well as amazing figures of sand and clay. The river flowing along the gorge is formed from the merging of the Western Karakol and Suusamyr rivers flowing from the southern slopes of the Kyrgyz Ridge and carries its waters to the Naryn River.
The dirt road in the gorge is suitable for traveling by car or bicycle and on the banks of the river are excellent places for rest and picnic. Also, this place is very popular for rafting enthusiasts. Kekemeren rafting is a dangerous and unforgettable adventure.

How to get to Kekemeren?

Kekemeren on the map

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