Altyn-Arashan (translation «Golden Spring») is a high mountain gorge in the eastern part of the Terskey-Ala-Too mountain range, located near the city of Karakol. This gorge is one of the most popular tourist places in Kyrgyzstan due to its unique nature, hot springs, spruce forests and stunning views.
The territory of the gorge was recognized as a specially protected reserve zone due to the great natural diversity. The status of the natural reserve of the gorge was obtained in 1963. This is one of the few places in Kyrgyzstan where the relict forest from Tien Shan fir has preserved. The hot springs of Altyn-Arashan are also widely known. The hot springs of Altyn-Arashan are also widely known. The hot springs are located at an altitude of 2600 meters and have a curative effect due to the content of radon and hydrogen sulfide in the water. All the year round, the water temperature is 35 degrees for the radon source and 41 degrees for hydrogen sulfide. Some sources are in indoor pools, while others are “wild” to this day, located in hollows or grottoes carved into stones.
The place is very touristic due to the fact that through the gorge is possible to get to Ala-Kul lake, the most beautiful lake of Terskey-Ala-Too. The road passes through the left tributary of the Altyn-Arashan River, 5 kilometers above the resort. From the gorge also it is possible to see famous Aksu Wall, also called Paltka Peak (translation Tent Peak), it was called due to its unusual trapezoid shape. The view on the wall became a kind of visiting card of the gorge. For those who love hiking, a walk to the foot of the peak, where there is a small glacial lake Kashka-Suu and several waterfalls: Sharkyratma, Kuldurek, Tash-Tekter, Archali-Tor and Takyr-Tor.
In Altyn-Arashan there is a huge number of tourist routes. This place is used as a base camp for radial exit and as a starting point on the way to Ala-Kul lake, Ak-Suu gorge, Karakol and Djety-Oguz valleys. It is also a wonderful place to relax among the untouched nature of the Tien Shan.

How to get to Altyn-Arashan?

The Altyn-Arashan gorge is located 10 kilometers east of the city of Karakol, near the village of Ak-Suu (Teploklyuchenka). Getting to the gorge is easy: 350 minibus runs from Karakol market to the gorge. It is also possible to get to the gorge by a car. However, the road in the gorge is very difficult and the ride is possible only on a SUV.

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There are guest houses in the resort “Altyn-Arashan”


There are many springs in the gorge. Drinking water from rivers without boiling is not recommended


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