Kegety Gorge is located on the northern side of the Kyrgyz ridge, 70 kilometers from Bishkek and 20 kilometers from Tokmok. It differs from other gorges on the Kyrgyz ridge because of its unusual width and spaciousness. Being one of the longest gorges on the Kyrgyz ridge (≈27 km), Kegety has a very interesting relief and a lot of beautiful places: for instance, Kel-Tor Lake in the right tributary of the Kegety River, two waterfalls, a forest of the Tien-Shan spruce and the Kegety Pass (≈ 4000m), thru which it is possible to get to the Eastern Karakol Valley.
The rise in the gorge is quite smooth: from 1250 meters at the bottom point, up to 3200 meters at the beginning of the Kegety River. If the lower part of the gorge seems completely devoid of vegetation, the higher part is totally opposite: coniferous forests cover most of the hills of mountains. Making it the most wooded gorge in the Chui Valley.

How to get to Kegety Gorge?

The Kegety Gorge is located 50 kilometers east of Bishkek. There is no public transport from Bishkek to the gorge. The first 10 kilometers inside the gorge are asphalted, the rest is dirt road.

Kegety Gorge on the map

Useful inforamtion

Mobile Network

Mobile Network is available up to the Kegety Falls


There are several guest houses – near the Kegety Fall and a guest house near the first barrier


There are a few springs, drinking water from the river is not recommended due to livestock grazing


There are not so many places for camping due to the small width of the gorge

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