Jergalan (also Jyrgalan) is an amazing mountain valley located in the eastern part of the Issyk-Kul Region, 60 kilometers northeast of the city of Karakol, near the border with Kazakhstan.
This is a rare example of a mountain valley in this part of the Tien Shan, full of steep slopes and spiky peaks. Jergalan is very popular among tourists all year round. In the summer, there are kymyz treatment resorts and recreation centers. In winter fans of free ride skiing, snowboarding and ski touring gather here. The valley is covered with snow from November to March. There are no ski resorts and cable cars in the valley, therefore many use all-terrain vehicles that deliver fans of extreme mountainous sports to the slopes. Especially stubborn people climb the mountain themselves.
The slopes of the valley are covered with a thick forest of Tien-Shan fir trees. In the summer the valley is covered with a carpet of flowers, and at the beginning of the season, it is possible to pick mushrooms under the fir trees in huge quantities.

Jergalan Valley on the map

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