The Chon-Kemin Gorge, Valley and National Park are located in the northern part of Kyrgyzstan. Chon-Kemin is notable for its length: being a narrow gorge in its eastern part, it gradually expands, forming a wide valley in the central part and again closing at the end. In the beginning, the valley has a height of 1400 meters and rising at the end to 2800 meters. The gorge is located in the gap between the largest ranges of the northern Tien Shan: Zailiysky Alatau located in the territory of Kazakhstan and Kyungey Ala-Too located on the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Chon-Kemin is surrounded on both sides by high mountains, glaciers and the Tien-Shan coniferous forest and has many lakes. In the basin of the Chon-Kemin River there are seven lakes, the largest ones are Kel-Kogur (also called Kel-Tor) and Jashyl-Kel. The length of the rapid flowing river in Chon-Kemin is 116 kilometers. The river is a favorite place for rafting enthusiasts. There are many tourist routes to the numerous mountain passes linking Chon-Kemin with Issyk-Kul, the most famous is Kek-Ayrik. There are hiking and horse rides to the lakes and a long cycling route. In general, Chon Kemin is interesting for any

How to get to Chon-Kemin?

The Chon-Kemin Gorge is located 120 kilometers east of Bishkek. The turn to Chon-Kemin is at the entrance to the Boom Gorge and can be reached by any minibus running from Bishkek to Balykchy. There is a road in the gorge, however, only half of its length is asphalted. Entrance fee to the national park is 300 soms.

Chon-Kemin on the map

Useful Information

Mobile Network

Mobile Network in the valley is available, however in the gorge is no mobile network


In the valley is possible to find guest houses and groceries


There are many spring in the gorge and it is possible to get water in nearby villages


Many places for camping

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