The Karavshan Gorge (also Karavshin Gorge) is an amazing place in the western part of the Batken Region. The gorge is located on the Turkestan Range and belongs to the Pamir Mountains. Many tourists compare this place with Patagonia or the famous California park of Yosemite due to the similarity of the landscapes. Only everything is larger by at least several times, compared to the above-listed attractions.

The mountains of the Turkestan Range in this place have an amazing shape. Climbers from all over the world visit this place due to the vertical slopes of the mountains. The tops here reach a height of 5500 meters and routes for climbing have all sorts of difficulty levels, including the most difficult. By the way, the highest point of the Batken Region, the Pyramidal Peak, is located right here.

In addition to climbing, in Karavshan there are many routes for trekking.

Getting to the Karavshan Gorge is quite difficult because it is located in a pretty inaccessible mountainous area with no roads. The path to the gorge from the nearest village can take two days of walking.

Karvashan Gorge on the map

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