Kyrgyz-Ata is a nature reserve, located in the Osh region, 40 kilometers south of the city of Osh on the northern slope of the Alay Range.
The territory of Kyrgyz-Ata has many tourist attractions. Most of the reserve is a botanical reserve, created to preserve the juniper forests, mountain tulips and saffron, which grows on the territory. Mountains of the Alay Range refer to the mountain system of the Pamirs and are composed of multi-colored marble. Kyrgyz-Ata includes several gorges, including the Karagoy, Kaldai and Mazar tracts. In the highland part of the park there is the Pervomaisky Pass leading to the Kichi-Alai valley.
The most popular in the national park Kyrgyz-Ata is the Karagoy gorge. Every weekend, many visitors from Osh and the nearest villages come here.
Nookat mountain drawings are widely known, located in the canyon of Aravan Dangi, pierced by the Aravan-Say river. On the steep walls of the canyon with height 500 meters, it is possible to see images of animals, as well as various signs of religious significance left by primitive people.
In addition, there are several mineral springs on the territory of the reserve. The most famous of them are the source of Tuya-Moyun and Eski-Nookat.

How to get to Kyrgyz-Ata

Gorges are located 40 kilometers south of Osh.

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Water from the lake and the river without boiling to drink is not recommended


Many places for camping


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