Lenin Peak is the second highest peak in Kyrgyzstan, located in the mountains of the Zaalaysky Range of the Osh Region.
One of the most popular peaks of Kyrgyzstan for ascent is Lenin Peak. Every year many people climb this peak, as it presents a unique opportunity to visit such a high altitude without any serious or technical climbing skills needed.
Lenin Peak is located in the northern part of the Pamir Mountains, on the Zaalayskiy Ridge. Its height is 7134 meters above sea level. The relative height is 2790 meters. Due to the huge height, the peak rises extremely above the Alai Valley.
The first person to describe the peak was Russian traveler AP Fedchenko, who visited the Alai valley in 1871. The first ascent to the summit was complete in 1928. Until 1933 the peak of Lenin was considered the highest peak of the Soviet Union.
Lenin Peak is one of the easier “7000m” climbs in the world, therefore it is very popular among avid climbers. But in addition to climbers it is also visited by ordinary tourists, in order to look at the stunning panorama of the Pamir Mountains and one of the highest peaks of Central Asia.
At the foot of the summit there is a large base camp called Achyk-Tash, which is located at a height of 3600m. The camp has all the necessary tourist amenities, because it annually hosts thousands of tourists.

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