The Chil-Ustun Caves are karst caves in the northwestern part of the Osh Region, located near the village of Aravan. Caves in Kyrgyzstan are quite a rare phenomenon. It can be found only in the southern regions of the country, but even there the number is not too great. One of the most famous is the Chil-Ustun Caves, which are at an altitude of 1,100 meters. The cave consists of three different sized halls connected by corridors. To get to the entrance to the cave is not easy: the entrance to it is on a steep rock, it is possible only to climb into it. The total length of the cave is 400 meters. The cave halls have a rather large area and are dotted with numerous stalactites and stalagmites, the age is estimated to be up to 350 million years. The cave has been known to people for a long time as evidenced by the Arabic letters left on the walls of the cave.
In addition to the cave Chil-Ustun, there are several more caves, in this area, which are different in terms of accessibility and depth. The deepest in the area is the Pobednaya Cave with a length of 1200 meters.

How to get to the Chil-Ustun Caves

Chil-Ustun Cave is located 3 kilometers east of the village of Aravan. However, without special training and equipment it is impossible to get into the cave.

Chil-Ustun cave on the map

Useful Information

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Groceries and cafes can be found in the nearest village of Aravan


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