The Kel-Tor tract is a small branch of the Kegety Gorge and is remarkable for the beautiful mountain lake at an altitude of 2,700 meters. The lake was formed as a result of a collapse of rocks. It does not have a direct drain and goes underground, appearing from the ground a few kilometers below. Most of the year the lake is frozen. Even in summer, the water does not warm up more than five degrees Celsius. Kel-Tor Lake is notable for the stunning turquoise color; a really beautiful combination of colors can be seen there in the summer.

It is eight km from the hiking track to the lake. The path is clearly visible. Therefore tourist needn’t worry about getting lost. The route is extremely picturesque: it starts from a treeless area, gradually changing to the wooded hills and then to alpine meadows.

The glacier zone begins three kilometers above the lake. There are several passes to Shamsi Tuyuk or Kegety Gorge. The passes are quite difficult to hike, therefore it is recommended only for trained tourists.

How to get to Kel-Tor Lake?

The way to Kel-Tor lies through the Kegety Gorge and it is located 90 kilometers from Bishkek.  By car, it is possible to get only to a locally run hotel that acts as a base camp for more technical hikes. Entry to the territory is free. The rest of way is by hiking route – 8 km one way or 16 km round trip.

Kel-Tor Lake on the map

Useful inforamtion

Mobile Network

The mobile network is partly available near the hotel, however, there is no mobile connection on the path to Kel-Tor


There is a guest house for 30 people with a dining room at the beginning of the hiking trail to the lake. There is no grocery, but it is possible to buy bread, milk or some basic products there


Drinking water from the river and the lake without boiling is not recommended


Many places for camping

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