Karakol Gorge is a high mountain gorge located in the eastern part of the Terskey Ala-Too Range on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, near the city of Karakol. The gorge is one of the most visited tourist places in the Issyk-Kul region due to its unique natural characteristics, great length and relative accessibility. The territory of the gorge is a protected area and has a length of 40 kilometers.
The Karakol Gorge is a center for many mountain tourists, as there are trekking routes on the Terskey Ala-Too Range. In summer from the basecamp alpinists go to the peaks of Przhval’skiy, Telman, Gastello, Zhukov, Dimitrov, as well as to the two highest peaks of Terskey-Ala-Too – the peaks Karakol and Djigit. Through the Karakol Gorge it is possible to get to the beautiful mountain Lake Ala-Kul and to the gorges of Altyn-Arashan and Djety-Oguz.
The gorge has beautiful views and a lot of vegetation. It is possible to see thickets of wild barberry and dog rose, relict forests from Tien Shan fir and alpine meadows with a scattering of wildflowers.
At the beginning of the gorge, there is a ski base “Karakol”, which is known among fans of skiing far beyond the borders of Kyrgyzstan.

How to get to Karkol Gorge?

Karakol Gorge is located 3 kilometers south of the city of Karakol. It is possible to reach the entrance to the gorge by marshrutka or taxi. However, the road in the gorge is in very bad condition.

Karakol Gorge on the map

Useful Information

Mobile Network

No mobile network


No guest houses, groceries or cafes


Many springs, drinking water from the river without boiling is not recommended


Many places for camping

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