The Western Karakol is a long and very interesting gorge. It is located on the south-west side of the Kyrgyz ridge and separates from the Dzhumgal-Too Range in the south. The length of the gorge is 60 kilometers and for all these 60 kilometers there is not a single village or settlement. The gorge is almost uninhabited and only in the summer, it is possible to see yurt camps of shepherds.
It’s quite easy to get into the gorge. From the west, there is a road from the Suusamyr Valley, a turn is near the village of Kojomkul. From the east, in the gorge, it is possible to travel to the valley of The Eastern Karakol, through the pass of Karakol-Ashuu, which is at a height of 3400 meters.
The Western Karakol is a real paradise for tourists. It is especially beautiful in the period from May to July, when its slopes are full of greenery, which contrasts perfectly with snow-white glaciers.
A large number of tourist routes pass through Western Karakol. There are three high-mountain passes through the Kyrgyz range: Sokuluk, Ala-Archa and the Alamedin. Western Karakol is popular among cyclists due to a complex but interesting dirt road running into the gorge.

How to get to the Western Karakol

The Western Karakol is located in the Chuy region of Kyrgyzstan about 150 kilometers from Bishkek. No public transport to the gorge. The Karakol-Ashuu Pass is only accessible for 3 summer months a year. The entrance to the gorge is free.

Useful inforamtion

Mobile Network

No mobile network


No guest houses and groceries.


There are many springs. It is not recommended to drink water from the river


Many places for camping

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