Belogorka Gorge is located near the village of Sokuluk. The place is remarkable for its unusual relief, as there are traces of a gigantic descent of the ground. It has the highest waterfall in northern Kyrgyzstan, which stands at 60-meters and is known as the Belogorka Falls. The water falls from a height of 60 meters and has a turbulent and full flow. The waterfall is visible from 10-12 kilometers. The hiking route to the waterfall starts from the end of the road and the length is only three kilometers. The gorge differs significantly from all the others on the Northern Tien Shan with an abundance of high cliffs, dripping with many springs and streams. The end of the road in the gorge opens up to a spectacular panorama of the waterfall falling from a high altitude, with almost vertical rocks and a splendid peak “Cherniy Shpil”.

How to get to Belogorka Gorge?

Belogorka is located 50 kilometers west of Bishkek, below the village of Sokuluk. There is no public transport to the gorge.

Belogorka Gorge on the map

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Mobile Network

No mobile network


No guest houses, cafes or groceries


Drinking water from the river is not recommended due to livestock grazing


Many places for camping

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