Alamedin Gorge is the closest mountain gorge to Bishkek. The gorge, in addition to its amazing natural scenery, is famous for its hot springs and for resort complex known as “Teplie Klyuchi”. Proximity to the city makes this place very popular among tourists, as it is possible to get to mountains at any time of a day, it is an hour from Bishkek. Among the interesting places in the gorge is the Alamedin Waterfall, located 5 kilometers from the end of the road. Noteworthy is a grove called “Tihaya Gavan”, which is located at the intersection of the Salyk stream and the Alamedin River and is also very near to the waterfall mentioned above. For tourist interested in longer treks, they may go to the Altyn-Tor lake (20km deep into the gorge). In addition, there is the possibility to cross over the Alamedin Pass to the Issyk-Ata Gorge, but this is recommended for experienced hikers only as the trek is difficult.

The health resort “Teplie Klyuchi” is the only radon source on the Kyrgyz ridge. The water helps to relieve pain from many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, etc. At the resort, there is a swimming pool (25 meters) with radon water, mud baths and a gym.

How to get to Alamedin Gorge?

The Alamedin Gorge is located 30 kilometers south of Bishkek. Entrance to the territory and parking is free.

Useful inforamtion

Mobile Network

Mobile Network is available only on the first 10 kilometers of the gorge, up to the territory of the resort “Teplie Klyuchi”


At the beginning of the gorge, there are several places to eat and stay: hotel “Jannat”, cafe “12 Kaminov”, holiday house “Koi-Tash”, cottages at the resort “Teplie Klyuchi” and several summer recreation centers


There are several large springs near the resort “Teplie Klyuchi. Drinking water from the river is not recommended due to livestock grazing


Sometimes it’s pretty hard to find a good place for camping. But the deeper you go the easier you find a camping place

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