The Boom gorge is the connecting link between Chui and Issyk-Kul valleys. In the gorge flows one of the largest rivers of Tien-Shan – Chu. The river broke this large and picturesque gorge among the mountains.
Boom is characterized by a variety of landscapes. Wooded and green slopes, covered with trees and shrubs, are suddenly replaced by drained clay canyons. The complex relief of the gorge is also noteworthy: a narrow and winding in the western part, it widens considerably in the eastern part, forming a wide valley.
The Boom gorge has a rich history. Historically, this pass had a great importance for the region as it was the only way to the lake Issyk-Kul on the west side. If in our days a journey through the gorge is easy, earlier it was a difficult and dangerous journey. The first road was built in 1878. After 70 years the railway was built, a trip through it is breathtaking due to high altitude.
The Boom gorge will be interesting to any touris. The wide and turbulent Chu River is perfect for rafting. Also from the Boom gorge it is possible to get to Konorchek canyons or Chon-Kemin valley. The gorge has many monuments from the Soviet period and modern time.

How to get to Boom Gorge?

The Boom Gorge is located 100 kilometers west of Bishkek. To get there is not difficult either on public or private transport.

Boom Gorge on the map

Usefull information

Mobile Network

Mobile Network is available.


Many groceries and cafes on the road.


There are several springs.


No place for camping.

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