The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church is one of the main attractions of Karakol. It was built in the XIX century by the Russian community of the city.
The history of the church began with the foundation of the city of Karakol in 1869, when the first Russian settlers built a small church on this place. However, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1876. The construction of the new church was started in 1895 by architects from the city of Verniy (Alma-Ata). The roof of the church is crowned with 5 domes and the walls are made of wooden logs, which are decorated with carvings and various paintings.
After the October Revolution, within the framework of the Soviet campaign against religion, the church was closed and later converted into a children’s sports school. The school functioned in this building until 1986, then it was decided to reconstruct the church and make a local history museum on its basis. The restoration of the church lasted 3 years, but due to the collapse of the USSR the museum was never created and the restored building in 1992 was occupied by clergymen.

One of the main Orthodox sights of the church is the icon of the Theotokos of Tikhvin, which was written in 1897.
The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church is open to tourists, but women are advised to cover their head with a shawl, which can be taken at the entrance.

How to get to the Holy Trinity Church in Karakol

The Church is located at the intersection of Gagarin and Lenin Streets, near the central square of the city.

Holy Trinity Church in Karakol on the map

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