Osh bazaar is one of the few places in Bishkek where you can feel the spirit of the Asian market. It is the largest market in Bishkek and at the same time located quite near the city center, in the western part. Here you can find everything: food, clothes, shoes, tourist equipment, books, tools, etc. The classic rows of the Osh bazaar are full of fresh fruits and vegetables, kyrgyz breads and snacks, fresh beef, pork, and traditional for Kyrgyz horsemeat, lamb and even yak meat, as well as specific Kyrgyz delicacies such as chucuk.
Also for tourists can be interesting tourist part of the market, where you can buy something to remember about Kyrgyzstan: traditional Kyrgyz felt products, national clothes and various attributes, T-shirts with prints dedicated to Kyrgyzstan, national musical instruments and various rare things, remnants of the Soviet era.

Osh Bazaar on the map

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